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VGA to HDMI converter adapter cable with audio power supply

RM 21.00

Product description:
It can convert the input VGA analog video signal into a complete HDMI signal output. For example, the VGA output of the graphics card can be converted by this converter to connect to a full-HD (1080P) large-screen TV. The VGA to HDMI converter is processed by Scaler when processing VGA signals, and the resolution can be up to 1920 * 1080 @ 60Hz.

How to use:
1. Connect the VGA cable output from the computer or other VGA output device to the VGA INPUT terminal of the converter;
2. Link the audio data cable to the audio INPUT terminal of the converter;
3. Connect the HDMI output terminal to the high-definition TV end;
4. access DC 5V power supply, i.e. the product to work.

Product features:
1. Convenient installation, plug and play, no settings required;
2. Support HDTV resolution of HD 1080P and computer resolution of 1920 * 1200;
3. Use a new generation of low-power digital chip processing, 24 hours of uninterrupted Work, low calorific value, stable work 2. Using 3D compensation technology to effectively eliminate the jitters and trailing phenomenon of fast moving pictures.


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