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Solar outdoor decorative garden hanging light creative glass jar LED crack light

RM 25.00

Specification classification
Cracked bottle 20 lights warm light, 

Cracked bottle 20 lights four colors, 

Protection level: IP65
Rated power: 1.5 (W)
Voltage: 2 (V)
Sunshine time: 8 (h)
Dimensions: 145 (mm)
Life: 10000 (h)

Name : Solar cracked glass lamp (thickened glass)

Lamp body size : height 145CM diameter 125CM

Light source : 20 0603 lamp beads, silver wire (30 beads)

Color : warm white, four-color

Solar panel : 2V

Battery : 2A 600MAH

Use : courtyards, aisles, gardens, balconies, outdoor and any sunny place

Package box size: 

One pack 14cm*14cm*17cm


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