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SC212 Bluetooth Speaker Mobile Wireless Audio Smart Portable Subwoofer Support TF Card

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Function: support Bluetooth connection, hands-free calling, one for two TF card, USB, FM radio, AUX
Bluetooth version: Jerry solution, Bluetooth 4.2
Speaker specifications: A full speaker 45mm4Ω3W* 2
Transmission distance: straight line distance is 12 meters without obstruction
Battery capacity: a new double protection 1200mAh
Input: DC 5V 0.5-2A
Charging time: 3-4 hours
Play time: 6-10 hours
Answer call: press the pause button to answer
Reject call: long press the pause button to reject the call
Callback: Double-click the pause button to automatically call back the last number dialed
Format supports MP3, APE, FLAC.
Phone answer: Bluetooth to connect the phone, the speaker has a microphone, can be easily used, zero radiation
Plug in TF card (phone memory card) to play MP3 pop music.
Appearance spray rubber paint process, perfect casting, extraordinary texture, fashion trend.
Support IAPD, for iPhone and for Huawei. Xiaomi. VIVO. Samsung. HTC. Moto. Nokia and other Bluetooth mobile phones
Bluetooth computers and other devices to wirelessly transmit audio
Bluetooth speaker instructions:
1, Turn on both Bluetooth speakers, long press the pause button, you can hear a click (indicating that 2 speakers are successfully connected)
2, Open the phone Bluetooth search Speaker 4.2, click on the connection pairing success
3, Song plays, both Bluetooth speakers will synchronize the sound output, forming left and right channel stereo.
Bluetooth connection: After the speaker is turned on, directly open the phone settings, open the Bluetooth search Speaker 4.2, and automatically connect (the connection and disconnection have a squeaking sound), the phone plays the song video, the sound directly from the speaker
Volume addition and subtraction: long press the previous song as the sound -, long press a song for the volume +, hear the humming sound to the maximum / minimum volume (if the phone Bluetooth is connected to the speaker, in addition to directly increase volume
FM radio: Connect the 3.5 mm audio cable after booting, then press the 2 middle button to switch to the radio mode. There will be a rustling sound indicating that you have entered the radio mode. The search radio can manually press the previous or next track, you can also press the 2 pause button to search for the station automatically.
Package Retail Box Includes: 1 x SC212 Bluetooth Speaker, USB cable, Audio cable


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