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Portable car and home electric shoulder neck waist shawl cervical spine kneading massages

RM 65.00

Product item: Shiatsu Massage Shawl

Dual Use: Home 220V | Car 12V

Material: PU Leather

Weight: 1 Kg

Description: The kneading massage shawls is a portable tapping shoulder massage designed according to human physiology combined with modern work and living habits. The model simulates a human hand to beat the massage, and the mode is changeable, effectively alleviating the pain in the shoulder and promoting blood circulation. And tapping massage on various parts of the body such as shoulders, back, waist, legs, etc., the rhythm of the beat varies. It can burn fat and lose weight locally.


Beautiful fashion and design, beautiful and generous. 

Strong and powerful tapping and in-depth massage at both ends, according to the different massage methods set by the program, will give you unexpected relaxation and comfort. 

Multi functional 15 minutes automatic timing, safe and convenient. 

Massage can inhibit the nervous system, play an analgesic effect, relieve muscle spasm, improve blood circulation, promote inflammation around the nerves, and relieve nerve root compression. 

Package Included

1 x U shape Neck Massager 1 x User Manual 1 x Power Adapter (3pin plug) 1 x Car charger


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