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JOYROOM Professional Karaoke Microphone Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Phones for ios and android

RM 85.00
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Support Bluetooth music playing / Bluetooth back connection function

Support TF card and audio input / Capacity not more than 32g

Support one key silencing magic sound

Model: JR-MC3 / Bluetooth version: v4.2

Maximum output power: 3W / SNR: ≥ 93dB

Battery capacity: 1500mah / Distortion thd: ≤ 1%

Horn specification: φ 52mm 4 Ω 3W

Channel: Stereo

TF support format: music format MP3 WAV

Transmission distance: 8-10m (due to different environmental factors and Bluetooth devices)

Bluetooth protocol: A2DP / AVRCP / HSP

Storage type: TF maximum capacity not more than 32g

Removable lithium battery: 3.7v/1500mah / Rated voltage: DC 3.7V

Bluetooth frequency: 2.4GHz

Charging voltage: dv-5v 500mA / Charging time: 3 ± 0.5h

Audio playback time: medium volume about 5 hours

Frequency response: 100Hz-10KHz

Reverb mode: reverb effect reverb

Maximum sound pressure: > 115dB 1khzthb < 1%

Features: Bluetooth, volume, accompaniment, reverb

External interface: Micro USB charging interface, TF interface, headphone interface

Product specification: about 255 * 78 * 76mm

Package size: 25.5 * 10.0 * 8.0cm / Weight: 0.43kg

Keys and functions: 1) Microphone volume: + position microphone volume maximum, - position microphone volume minimum

2) Reverberation: + position reverberation has the longest echo, - position reverberation has the shortest echo

3) Accompaniment: adjust music size / Previous song: press briefly to play the previous song

4) M key: short press mode switch, TF-card / Bluetooth / audio output

5) On / off key: long press on / off, double-click to enter into the voice changing mode, and click to switch (electric voice / male voice / monster voice / DOLL voice) in the voice changing mode

6) Next song: short press to play the next song

7) Play / pause key: when playing a song, short press pause / play and long press the voice to silence.

8) Headphone output: in order not to affect others' rest, plug in 3.5mm three section headphones and turn off the external sound. Earphone Auditions

9) TF card port: support 12m / 32GB and other TF cards

10) Micro USB port: DC 5V charging port, audio input port

Bluetooth function: Long press the power on button for about 3 seconds, with the power on sound and the blue light flashing; turn on the Bluetooth device, enter the search jr-mc3, select and connect, wait for the 

Bluetooth device to prompt that the connection is successful, and the audio will send a prompt tone, indicating that the Bluetooth audio has been successfully connected, and the whole pairing time is about a few seconds

Power on status: blue light flashes (blue light is always on after Bluetooth connection)

Charging: Red light on / Completed red light off

Common problem

Q: Multiple connection pairing failed

A: Turn off the microphone and restart it or require the password: 0000


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