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JIY Portable Wireless VHF Mic Lapel Clip Microphone with Receiver Transmitter

RM 110.00
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Simple and easy to use, with LED screen display.

A wide range of device support applications, as long as the device with a microphone interface can be connected.

Automatic connection, wide application, compatible with audio, amplifier, multimedia, mobile audio.

Applicable to teaching, business promotion, stage conference training.

The transmitter is equipped with a back clip for easy carrying.

Frequency offset: ±11kHz | Frequency response: 80Hz-15kHz
Frequency stability: ±0.005% | Signal to noise ratio: >60dB
Distortion: 0.5% (1kHz) | Number of channels: two channels
Sensitivity: -70dB M | Use distance: 50 meters in the open area
Transmit power: 20mW | Frequency range: 200MHz-270MHz

Receiver power supply: DC 12V/320mA | Transmitter power supply: 2 * AA battery (excluding)
Output mode: independent and hybrid automatic selection
Transmitter Size: approx. 103 * 65 * 22 mm/ 4.0 * 2.5 * 0.8 in
Receiver Size: approx. 104 * 45 * 20 mm/ 4.1 * 1.8 * 0.8 in
Package Weight: approx. 444 g

Transmitter battery: 2 * AA (excluding) | Frequency stability: ±0.005%
Carrier output power: ≤30mW | Spurious emission suppression: >40dB
Modulation method: vhf
Maximum modulation: ±75KHz | Pickup mode: (capacitive) (LWM-6188/C)

Receive sensitivity: <2μV | Image rejection: >40dB
Audio output impedance: 600Ω | Audio output level: 0-0.5V
Use power: AC 220-240V 50/60Hz | Power consumption: 1W

Package list:
2 * Transmitter,  2 * Clip Lapel Microphone Or Head Set Microphone
1 * Receiver,  Antenna, Adapter Connector, USB Cable, English Manual

3.5 audio cable is a wired antenna, connected to the antenna, the distance will be farther and more stable!


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