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Condenser microphone home computer USB game voice high sampling wired recording microphone

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BM-858 condenser microphone adjustable volume noise reduction capacitor KTV audio studio recording microphone is suitable for computers, radio broadcasting rooms, sound control rooms, sound studios, home recording, games and video chats.
Customized frequency response 30Hz-20kHz, providing clarity and high security Real sound neodymium magnet, no distortion recording, no rebound.

Features: Plug and Play directly connected to the USB2.0 port for recording music, live streaming, etc. It can be easily used in all computer systems without any additional software.

Brand Name: JIY

Model Number: BM858

Weight: 1.3

Dimensions (W x H x D): 25*18*10

Package: 1*Microphone, 1*Cable, 1*Bracket, 1*Manual, 1*Cotton Cover

Monitoring equipment: monitoring headset

Microphone technical parameters:

1. Directivity: Super heart-shaped finger

2. Sensitivity: -32db plus or minus 1db

3. Frequency response: 20HZ-20KHZ

4. Output impedance: 150 ohms

5. Current consumption: 3mA

6. Power supply mode: USB power supply (5VDC)

7. Output interface: USB interface

Specification (size): standard cord length 1.5 meters

Tube material: aluminum alloy

Sampling: 48000HZ/192000HZ

         16Bit     /  24Bit


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