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Lightning Camera Kit to SD / TF card Four in One Applicable Card Reader

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1. USB female port: The device connected to the USB socket must be less than 100 mAH current. You can connect USB peripherals such as hubs, keyboards, and card readers that support CF / SD / micro-SD. You can also plug this product into the connector port on IPhone / IPad / IPod Touch, and then connect the digital camera USB cable. In addition, the USB port of this adapter can support an external PC.

 2. SD card port: Plug the product into the connection port on IPhone / IPad / IPod Touch via Lightning, then insert the SD card.

 3. Micro SD card port: Plug the product into the connection port on IPhone / IPad / IPod Touch via Lightning, and then insert the Micro SD card

 4. Micro USB port: You can charge IPhone / IPad / IPod Touch through this adapter compatible micro USB cable, with a large 2.4A current.

 After plugging in this adapter, your IPhone / IPad / IPod Touch will automatically open the photos APP, you can select the photos you want to import, and then transfer the selected photos to the phone album.

 Lightning 4-in-1 camera adapter supports standard photo formats, such as JPEG and RAW. Photos taken by Apple devices or digital cameras can definitely be imported into IPhone / IPad / IPod Touch. Picture files need to be saved in a folder named "DCIM". Digital cameras can automatically create "DCIM" folders. Use the attribute information to check whether the video file is H.264 or MPEG-4. Rename each photo and video file like this "MVI_XXXX", and XXXX is a single number. For example, if you have a JPG file and a MOV file, please use MVI_0001.JPG and MVI_0002.MOV.

Note: Lightning 4-in-1 camera adapter has 4 ports. However, the USB port, SD port and Micro SD port cannot be used at the same time. The Micro USB port can be used with any of the above three ports. For example, you can charge your IPhone / IPad / IPod Touch and use the keyboard at the same time.

If the USB flash drive / Micro SD card / SD card is used directly with this adapter, you must create a "DCIM" folder

Package : 1 Box* 4 in 1 Card reader


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