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Intime Inflatable Sofa Single Person Sofa Bed Lazy Sofa Lunch Break Recliner Rest

RM 80.00

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL USAGE: The comfortable and soft sofa gives you the temptation to lie down and relax your spine effectively without delaying your leisure and entertainment!

Reading books, listening to music, Play mobile phones, games

Watch TV and drink tea, Take a nap Soft skin-friendly

Hygroscopic and breathable, Moisture and wear resistance

Segment pressure comfort upgrade

According to the design of Asian body type, the body pressure is guaranteed to be reasonably dispersed. The proper support of each part is conducive to the full relaxation of the five major parts of the body.

Head support 8% weight | Shoulder support 33% weight | Lumbar support 10% weight

Leg support 34% weight | Foot support 15% weight

ERGONOMIC DESIGN Ergonomic design, comfortable lying angle, streamlined design, beautiful and comfortable; good support balance, full elasticity.

The air flows according to the pressure flow, which makes the bag and body lying down more comfortable

FLOCKING PROCESS surface flocking process

Using surface flocking, the touch is more comfortable, dirt-resistant and easy to clean, seamless bonding, long-lasting use.

Comfortable touch | Seamless bonding

PRECISION JOINT precision stitching process, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant.

 It is not easy to open the wire and break the wire, and the service life is longer. 

SERVICE LIFE Scratch resistant | Precision stitching

BOTTOM SUCKER bottom return type suction cup

Bottom back suction cup design, firmly absorb the ground (except carpet) to prevent movement and fall Suction cup design and firm

SAFE MATERIAL environmentally friendly PVC material

PVC material, safe and environmentally friendly, strong and wear-resistant, not easy to damage, waterproof and moisture-proof.

Safety and environmental protection | Strong and wear-resistant

COMFORTABLE FOOTSTOOL Comfortable footrest

Wear an inflatable footrest to stand against. It can also be used alone as a stool. 

Multi-functional use and Comfortable and durable

Model: YT-125

Product size: 105 * 98 * 92cm

Retail box size: 27 * 8.5 * 32.5cm / 2.45 kg

Package: 1* Intime Inflatable Sofa Bed


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