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Food Vacuum Sealer Packaging Machine For Commercial / Household (Free 10 Pcs Bags)

RM 62.00
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1. This machine is a dry vacuum packaging machine. To ensure the safety of your life and property, please do not use it in a humid environment
2. Do not use this machine for food packaging with moisture, and keep your hands dry when using it to prevent leakage
3. Do not let children younger than 12 years old use

Please make sure to do the following when using

1: Do not fill the tape too full
2: The mouth of the bag must be put into the vacuum tank, otherwise no air can be drawn
3: Clean up the body at the sealing of the heating wire of the bag mouth
4: Do not seal food that will appear flowing liquid, otherwise it may affect the sealing effect
5: Vacuum sharp hard objects may puncture the plastic bag after being vacuumed

Foods with a stimulating taste easy to ferment will cause air leakage. The reason is that this type of food will produce gas after being vacuumed. The maximum sealing width of this machine is 28CM. Bags exceeding this width cannot be used!
This type of vacuum machine, cannot vacuum-pack food with visible liquid flowing. 


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