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EMS Body Acupuncture Massage-Pads Digital Therapy Slimming Back Neck Foot Care

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Precautions: Use this product

Attach the two patches to skin, turn on the power, the electrode pads do not need to be placed symmetrically. 

If the patch is not attached or only posted, automatically detects the load and it will automatically shut down after 5 seconds.

Remember that the two pieces of the electrode are not electrically connected, so as to avoid short circuit after mutual adhesion.

Due to the different skin sensitivity of various parts of the human body, the feeling and intensity of the two patches may vary;

Electrode patch should not be placed too close together. The two electrodes should normally be placed on the same side of the body. 

Technical data:

1. Voltage: 110V-220V

2. Rated working time: 30mins

Package Includes:

1) Massager*1

2) Electrode pads*4 pairs (8pcs)

3) USB Cable*1 

4) Power Adapter*1

5) English User Manual*1

6) Connecting cable*2 (2-way and 4-way)

7) Slippers Pair

8) Acupoint map*1

9) Electrode pad board*1


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