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Electric Racket Swatter Zapper USB Rechargeable Mosquito Insect Killer

RM 38.00
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Product material: ABS+metal mesh+electronic components
Product weight: 310g 

Product size: 19.5CM*48CM
Product packaging: transparent PVC bag + color manual

There is a safety switch on the handle. When the safety switch is turned on and the work button is not pressed, the net surface is safe and without residual electricity.

Instructions for use:
1. Please charge before use.
2. Hold the handle tightly, turn on the safety switch, press and hold the power button, power on and be ready to kill any insects at any time. When catching insects, be sure to keep the switch button pressed firmly.
3. Outer protective net, no tingling when touched, but it is not recommended to touch. Do not touch the inner net, you will feel a slight vibration when you touch it.
4. The killed insects can be removed from the electric mosquito swatter with a brush or shaking, and water cleaning is prohibited.
5. When the mosquitoes are hit, the sound and the blue flash are weak, the battery is low, and it needs to be recharged to resume normal use.

Do not squeeze the net surface of the electric mosquito swatter with your fingers.
Do not use electric mosquito swatters near flammable gases and liquids.
Do not use water to clean the mosquito swatter.
Please do not insert metal objects into the middle of the net to play.
Package:1* Mosquito Swatter Killer 


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