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Remote Control Electric Foot Massages Machine Air Pressure Shiatsu Infrared Feet Massages

RM 238.00

A unique combination of air-compression and roller massage.

A unique combination of air-compression and roller massage..

Perfectly removes fatigue, muscle aches and swelling of the legs, effectively stretching the ankles and feet. 

Regular procedures make it possible to regain the lightness and vigor of the gait, supporting the tone of the legs, so the massages is simply indispensable for women who spend a lot of time on stilettos.

 Air compression massage: 

Massage the foot by air compression, stimulate the acupuncture points, relieve muscle fatigue! 

Roller massage: 

Rolling Shiatsu massage the foot, stimulate blood circulation, stimulate acupuncture points, relieve fatigue and help sleep. 

Infrared heating Warm foot: 

Suitable for warm and active channels and side branches, hot compresses the blood vessels, a small amount of heat promotes blood circulation, and prevents thermal resistance through the passage and collateral's. 


1. Foot surface, soles and ankles all can massage in place! 

2. Massage time: 5-30 minutes massage time design, free to choose. 

3. Applicable foot size: 22-27 cm. 

4. Automatic switch off 15 minutes 

5. Remote controller


Material: ABS 

Model: YY-667 

Color: Champagne Gold / Pink (As shown)

Power: 100-220V / 50W 

Package Retail Box Include: 

1 x Foot Massages, 1x Remote Control, 1 x Manual 



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