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Dust mite removal vacuum ultraviolet sterilization handheld vacuum cleaner mite removal machine

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The slap area is twice as large as the previous model, and the independent motor has a high slap frequency, which improves the deep cleaning ability .

The newly optimized circuit board performance is more stable and durable.

 Longer and bolder UV-C ultraviolet germicidal lamp, two-way dust box for secondary sterilization, more thorough sterilization and removal of mites.

Powerful motor with 33000 rpm/min, vacuum degree as high as 10000Pa, strong suction power, easy dust removal .

There is generally only one type of double-layer filter system to prevent secondary pollution from garbage.

The machine has a net weight of 1 kg, which is very light and simple to use.

Brand: Songzhi

Power cord length: about 4 meters

Rated voltage: 220V
Rated power: 300W

Rated frequency: 50Hz

Vacuum cleaner function: Dry
Dust storage type: Dust box / Dust bucket

Special nozzle: Mite removal brush head

Vacuum cleaner type: Small
Item No.: SV-808

Color: White, Pink (upgrade model)

Recommended to purchase matching filter element for replacement

Package Box: Dust mite removal vacuum


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