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Creative LED Copying board A4 Copy Desk LED Anime Glowing Writer Painting Drawing Board

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Power supply features:
Equipped with high-quality regulated power supply, and has a separate power-controlled switch for power supply, which is extremely convenient to use.

The power supply is more convenient for wide voltage input 100-240V, and can be used at home and abroad, truly achieving universal effects.

The scope of use of the copy station:
1. Animation, comics professional production team and individuals.
2. Anime creation enthusiasts.
3. Anime teaching traditional training classroom.
4. Professional interior, architecture, clothing design and drawing.
Currently used in animation and comics, it is an essential tool, unique design of eye protection ultra-thin copy table

Energy-saving design: The power consumption is only one tenth of the aluminum alloy copying station.

Safe voltage design: 12V safe voltage, safer and safer to use. 

Product basic parameters:
Power: 2.8W
Output voltage: USB 5V
Material: Imported acrylic
Size: 330*230*3.5MM
Light source: no flashing super bright environmental LED
Input: AC100-240V50
Package: 1* A4, 3 gear dimming without scale + 1.5 m USB cable 


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