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Adjustable 24 section Waist Abdominal Weight Sport Hoop Yoga Home Fitness Smart Sport Hoops Circle

RM 79.00
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Name: Magic Smart Hula Hoop
Color: Red
12 to 27 section, can be adjustable according to your waist
Size: 24 section suit for waist is less than 130cm
Ball Weight: 0.3 kg, Total Weight:1.5 kg

The hoop can be composed of sections, which can increase or decrease the number of slides on the main body to adjust the waist size.
It is suitable for men, women and children.
Can be used in a variety of applications, for post-natal recovery, office sedentary, and hoops are also suitable for sports advocates.
The hoop exercise can quickly consume body fat and eliminate fatigue.

Package Box: 1* Magic Smart Hula Hoop


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