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3.0 USB 1 to 4 Port HUB high speed docking station USB interface

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Compact and lightweight, easy to carry, unique card design, convenient for energy saving LED power indicator design, simple and clear 4-port USB
Interface supports hot swap, plug and play, interface parallel arrange, use without interference, good compatibility connector length 60cm, good flexibility

Support overload voltage and instantaneous current protection function, effectively protect the connected device.
USB3.0 interface theoretical transmission rate Up to 5Gbps, compatible with USB2.0/USB1.1
Driver-less support for Windows XP/Vista/7/8&USB with USB support

The USB 3.0 hub is external (requires a free USB 3.0 interface on the computer).
Data transfer and power supply via USB3.0 data cable, quickly add four ultra-fast USB3.0 interfaces to your computer.
Supports USB 3.0 disk drives, high-resolution cameras, video surveillance cameras, digital video cameras, and high-bandwidth peripherals such as multi-channel audio.

USB3 transfer speed reaches 5.0Gb/s (actual speed 80MB/sec) and supports USB2.0 and USB1.1 downgrade.
It can be used with the widest range of USB devices and allows multiple USB 3.0 and traditional USB devices to operate simultaneously.
The built-in current protection device can effectively protect the connected device and the Hub itself in case of sudden power-on, providing greater durability and reliability.

For laptops, ultra-books, and tablets with USB interface Expanded 4 USB3.0 interfaces, suitable for connecting USB devices such as USB flash drives, mobile phones, mobile hard disks, etc.
Support multiple devices at the same time, support hot swap, plug and play, avoid the trouble of repeatedly plugging and unplugging devices and USB
Built-in current protection device to effectively protect the connected device and HUB itself, USB3.0 data line power supply, each interface can supply up to 900mA current.

Product Introduction:
The latest portable USB3.0 hub RSH-316, expands the scarcity for PC, ultra-book, tablet with USB interface USB3.0 interface.
Integrated battery charge controller circuit design, integrated design, easy to expand 4 USB3.0 interfaces without power supply, 4 port USB devices without interference each other.

Product Features:
It is equipped with GL3520 high-performance main control chip and expands four USB3.0 high-speed interfaces, with reliable continuous operation and safe and stable transmission performance.
The GL3520 chip utilizes advanced USB PHY technology to enable each interface to operate at full speed at a theoretical 5 Gbps transmission rate secure and stable.

Product Name: Portable USB3.0 High Speed Hub
Product Interface: USB3.0
Product Color: Black / White
Retailer Package: 3.0 USB 1 to 4 Port USB HUB


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