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15-pin 3 + 6 Copper VGA Cable Projector HD Line Computer to TV Cable 1.5 meters

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Product name: VGA signal cable, video cable, computer with TV cable 

Color: blue head black line

Length: 1.5m 3m 5m 10m 15m 20m 25m

Material: All copper standard 3 + 6 wire

Packing: OPP bag

Specifications: OD = 0.8 15 for 15-pin male to male

Product introduction: This line is not welded by wire. All are sent to the original machine die.

Function: This cable is widely used in VGA (video graphics array) digital transmission mode connection, suitable for various electronic and electrical equipment D-SUB 15PIN interface, such as computer, high-definition DVD and computer monitor, projector, high-definition digital TV, back Cables for household appliances such as projectors, plasma TVs, etc.

Features: With anti-interference magnetic ring, to ensure the image quality of the line.

VGA product features:

The outer surface is made of 100P wear-resistant and non-toxic environmentally friendly rubber material, and the middle is made of high-density foamed PE.

High-quality injection-molded iron powder magnetic core is used to increase anti-interference ability and maintain stable video signal transmission.

The core adopts VGA high standard structure of 3 video coaxial lines and 6 signal lines, and adopts high-quality tinned oxygen-free copper to increase the signal transmission surface and resist oxidation.

The 3 video coaxial cables adopt unique 32 all-inclusive winding independent shielding to make the picture quality transmission effect clearer. 

(Double magnetic ring, strong anti-interference, and fast transmission speed.) The outer rubber material is made of environmentally friendly materials, which improves the flexibility of the wire.

Plug and play

3 + 6 high-quality VGA cable, you can connect the computer to high-definition TV

Computer to projector and other equipment

Features: ensure a clearer display effect; good workmanship.
Uses: Used to extend the connection of the monitor to the computer, LCD, and projector. It is
mainly used to extend the connection between the display (D-SUB / 15-hole interface) and the graphics card (D-SUB / 15-hole interface)


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