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Constant temperature Straight hair splint curling stick dual-use curling hair straightener brush

RM 34.00
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Straight hair splint curling stick dual-use Air bangs curling hair straightener
No hair damage, easy to carry

Power: 24W
Temperature: 180 to 210 degrees
Certification: CE, CB, ROHS
Wire: 0.5m
Rated frequency: 50HZ
Shell material: Flame retardant new PC material
15 seconds fast heat, Ceramic glaze hair care, Straight roll dual-use
Intelligent constant temperature, safety guarantee 360 degree rotating tail

Intelligent temperature control system, constant temperature hair care, built-in intelligent temperature control chip, rapid heating
Intelligent temperature control to reduce losses, no need to worry about excessive temperature scalding hair

3D floating panel, seamless fit, improved hairstyle, long-lasting curls, no straight hair, straighter hair, more vertical hair, reduced hair loss

Ceramic glaze coating Moisturizing hair Repairing the surface of the raised hair scales Locking moisture Moisturizing and smooth hair
Effectively fight hair quality problems, make hair smooth and shiny

After heating, the negative ions reduce the water molecules in the air through the high-voltage motor, improve the molecular penetration, replenish the hair moisture, millions of oxygen negative ions, with the effect of micro current, effectively penetrate and maintain the hair scales, make the hair smooth and shiny

Masonry handle Exquisite and elegant shape, make people put it down
360 degree rotating wire, convenient for modeling, avoiding wire tangling and knotting
Anti-scalding and heat-insulating front-end
Safety certification power cord, 3C safety certification extension power cord

Package Box: Straight hair splint curling stick


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